Name: Contracture of joint See more descriptions.

- Contracture of joint
- Joint contraction
- Contracture of joint (disorder)
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Concept ID: 7890003
Read Codes: N084. N0840 N0848 N084z
ICD-10 Codes: M2100 M2189 M2121 M219 M2108 M2193 M2130 M218 F444 M2157 M200 M217 M2117 M2183 M2115 M2195 M2116 M2186 M215 M2106 M2150 M2179 M2123 M2172 M2128 M2170 M2182 M2187 M2175 M2119 M2109 Q688 M2173 M202 M2137 M203 M2199 M2134 M204 M2190 M206 M2107 M2118 M213 M2126 M2113 M2192 M210 M2105 M205 M2154 M2102 M2114 M2111 M2176 M2104 M214 M2181 M2191 M2110 M2196 M2197 M2127 M2101 M2177 M2103 M2125 M211 M216 M2185 M2112 M2120 M2129 M212 M2180 M2122 M2184 M2133 M2174 M201 M245 M2194 M2124