Name: Blood coagulation disorder (disorder) See more descriptions.

- Blood coagulation disorder
- Coagulation disorder
- Blood clotting disorder
- Coagulopathy
- Bleeding diathesis
- Bleeding tendency
- Clotting disorder
- Bleeding disorder
- Disorder of hemostasis
- Disorder of haemostasis
- Blood coagulation disorder (disorder)
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Concept ID: 64779008
Read Codes: D3... D30.. D303. D303y D303z D30z. D31y. D31yz D31z. D3y.. D3z.. Dyu30 XE14m XE14o
ICD-10 Codes: D698 D680 D690 D685 D696 D694 D681 D682 D65X D692 D693 D691 O670 D67X D699 P021 O723 O450 O460 D66X D686 D689 D695 D688 D684 P616 D683