Name: Scoliosis deformity of spine (disorder) See more descriptions.

- Scoliosis deformity of spine (disorder)
- Scoliosis deformity of spine
- Scoliosis
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Concept ID: 298382003
Read Codes: Nyu55 Xa6vS
ICD-10 Codes: M4103 M4196 M415 M4187 M4183 M4135 M4159 M4197 M4108 M4120 M410 M4148 M4189 M4107 M4184 M4114 A180D M4129 M4149 Q763 M4157 M4190 M4185 M4151 M4199 M411 M4154 M4130 M412 M4122 M4141 M4105 M4147 M4134 M4193 M4156 Q675 M4133 M419 M4158 M4145 M4113 M4180 M4142 M4194 M4155 M4153 M4128 M4112 M490A M4140 M4146 M4118 M4115 M4143 M4117 M4186 M413 M4182 M4123 M4191 M4126 M4195 M4119 M414 M4109 M4192 M4104 M4150 M4100 M4188 E643 M4111 M4110 M4198 A180D M4101 M4124 M4116 M4152 M4106 M4127 M4144 M418 M4125 M490A M4102 M4121 M965 M4181