Name: Urinary incontinence (finding) See more descriptions.

- Urinary incontinence (finding)
- Urinary incontinence
- Unable to prevent bladder emptying
- Urine incontinence
- Leaking of urine
- Incontinence of urine
- Unable to control bladder
- Unable to hold urine
- Lack of bladder control
- Involuntary urination
- Unable to hold fluids
- UI - Urinary incontinence
- Absence of bladder continence
- Bladder incontinence
- Loss of bladder control
- Weak bladder
- Bladder: incontinent
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Concept ID: 165232002
Read Codes: 1A23. 3940. E276z Kyu5A R083. R0830 R0831 R083z
ICD-10 Codes: R32X