Name: Disorder of skeletal AND/OR smooth muscle (disorder) See more descriptions.

- Disorder of muscle
- Myopathic disease
- Myopathy
- Disorder of skeletal AND/OR smooth muscle
- Disorder of skeletal AND/OR smooth muscle (disorder)
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Concept ID: 129565002
Read Codes: Fyu82 Nyu8B X708D X708s
ICD-10 Codes: M6010D M6145D M629D M6155D M6014D G710D M6293D M6242D M6190D M631A M6228D M6006D M6156D M6253D M6210D M6089D M6124D M6258D M6200D M6235D M614D M6026D M6291D M6087D M624D M6217D M6231D M6285D G733A M6115D M6280D G731A M6017D M6299D M6230D M6144D M6193D M6097D M6140D M6083D M6284D M6196D M602D M6101D G723D M6192D M6100D M601D M6148D M6221D M620D M608D M6024D M612D M6004D M6224D M6019D M6154D M6202D M6018D M6027D G713D M6147D M6129D M625D M6119D M6211D M619D M6128D M6105D M6251D G728D M615D M6116D M6203D M6252D M6288D M6111D M6153D M6008D M6117D M6080D M6021D M626D M6198D M6264D M6086D M6259D M6216D M6247D M6025D M6236D M633A G732A M6191D M6204D M6142D M6020D M6099D M6151D M6103D M6098D M6297D M6015D M6112D M6090D M6243D M6092D M6282D M6201D M6007D M6104D M622D M6143D M6106D M6022D M6141D M6225D M6220D G711D M6096D M6133D G730A M6157D M6123D M6238D M6126D M6131D M6287D G720D M6226D M6000D M6110D M6197D M6233D M6091D M6107D M613D M6084D M6234D M6016D M6093D M610D M6199D M6223D M6295D M6286D M6118D M6146D M6241D M6013D M6102D M6108D M6088D M632A G721D M600D M6028D M6194D M630A M6113D M6245D M6023D M6122D M6246D M6266D M6132D M6029D M6227D M6256D M6130D M6114D G735A M6239D M6213D M6260D G729D M6229D M6268D M6134D G722D M6261D M6254D M6136D M6232D M6262D M6135D G712D M6121D M6255D M6209D G736A M6009D M6244D M6219D M6240D G718D M6085D M6263D M6222D M6250D G734A M6002D M6281D M6249D G719D M6248D M6001D M6214D G724D M6283D M6012D M6208D M6158D M6120D M611D M6082D M6125D M6212D M6139D M6094D M6206D M623D M6152D M6150D M6207D M6296D M6267D M6095D M621D M628D M6298D M6257D M6109D M6137D M6294D M6149D M609D M6215D M6290D M6218D M6005D M6081D M6289D M6159D M6003D M6138D M6127D G737A M6292D M6195D M6265D M6237D M6269D M6205D M6011D M638A