Name: Pathological fracture of mandible See more descriptions.

- Pathological fracture of mandible (disorder)
- Pathological fracture of mandible
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Concept ID: 11315201000119108
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ICD-10 Codes: M8095D M803D M8029D M8094D M8008D M8003D M8080D M8024D M8082D M8014D M8054D M8047D M8093D M8089D M8004D M8037D M801D M8009D M808D M8083D M8020D M8018D M8057D M8049D M8091D M8025D M8012D M8043D M9078A M8019D M8028D M8084D M8015D M804D M800D M8098D M8045D M8088D M8046D M805D M8005D M8081D M8086D M8048D M8000D M8096D M8011D M809D M8032D M8022D M8001D M8097D M8058D M8006D M8039D M8087D M8099D M8041D M8033D M8023D M8010D M8034D M8040D M8448D M8038D M8042D M8021D M8031D M8002D M8036D M8044D M8007D M8092D M8055D M8052D M802D M8059D M8017D M8050D M8013D M8053D M8085D M8027D M8090D M8016D M8051D M8026D M8030D M8056D M8035D